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About Mojo Messengers

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The Mojo Messengers is a group of friends who live in the East Bay. We like to get together to play good classic rock’n'roll music.  We love to play for people who want to have fun and dance, party and sing along with us. And we make that happen whenever and wherever we play.

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The Mojo Messengers are Dave Johnson (guitar, vocals), Nicki Shaw (vocals and percussion), Brad Blemker (drums), Fred Bauman (keyboards) and Charlie Huizenga (bass). The band's  roots go back 20 years with Dave, Brad and friends, and the original purpose - creating music and having fun - continues today. 

We're ready to play for you today, so take a listen to some of our tracks and then contact us to play your next event. Or better yet, come see us at our next gigs  (listed on home page).


Seen here playing for a private party on the USS Hornet in Alameda

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